Two quirky, yummy and instagrammable places to eat in Barcelona – Satan’s coffee corner & Bar Calders 

I recently visited Barcelona for a short holiday, one of my favourite things to do when travelling is finding amazing food and cool cafes. Before visiting I stumbled upon a website naming the best coffee shops in Barcelona, and number 1 was ‘Satan’s Coffee Corner’. Bar Calders is a bar owned by a family friend so naturally I wanted to visit and see what it was all about.

Satan’s Coffee Corner 

My first stop was ‘Satans Coffee Corner’  where immediately before entering I knew I would love it. Situated in the lively and artsy Barri Gotic, the decoration was minimalist with a lot of quirky sketches and a beautiful wooden inside space. The place smelt like good coffee and sweet doughnuts.

I wasn’t quite sure how to order as there were no visible menus or obvious counters – the place felt far too cool for normal humans. Eventually one of the staff asked what we wanted and so we ordered two coffees and a doughnut. Whilst we sipped on our delicious coffee, one of the staff members cooked in front of us what appeared to be some homemade miso soup. Just another cool unexpected thing this coffee shop had to offer. On the way out we picked up some cards that were on the counter as they looked quite artsy and funny, I still don’t know what purpose they had but they were definitely a nice souvenier. All in all this coffee shop exceeded my expectations and fulfilled all my hipster cafe dreams.

P.S The doughnut was heavenly.

Satans Coffee Corner

Bar Calders 

We came here on one of our last nights to end with what would soon be the best meal we had.

From the outside it just looks like your typical spanish bar with A LOT of people and a very cool atmosphere. Inside, this bar is filled with artworks mostly created by the owner. The decoration is colourful, lively and very interesting to say the least.

We were seated in the middle of the bar and were surrounded by busy, friendly tables that were enjoying the place as much as we were. The menu was overwhelming, the toughest decision of this trip was what to order (or what not to order), the options all sounded incredible.

We decided to get a mix of everything which involved some ‘brava chips’ (they were absolutely delicious), some quesadillas and the best bit of all – a green tea cheesecake with somewhat of a zingy kick to it. The dishes were absolutely delicious and carefully made with beautiful spices and garnishes. The price was very pocket friendly for any young travelers or anyone on a budget, the experience was priceless.


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